Carrie Ann –  I have seen your talented work and professional ethics for over 25 years!  You have reinvented yourself and your emphasis many times and stretched the boundaries of possibility, relevance and creativity in a most beautiful way. I continue to be inspired by your tenacity of pushing the boundaries of possibility while remembering the most important, yet basic, tenet:  Exceed client expectations. Every time. No exceptions.  My best to you always in ALL WAYS!!

– Robbie Armstrong

My husband has known Carrie Ann for over 2 decades as she had been ‘visually merchandising’ his men’s clothing showroom at the World Trade Center for years.

When we purchased a new home in Allen, we looked to Carrie Ann for her exceptional interior and exterior design talent. Since we wanted a different ‘look’ for our last home, we had complete faith in Carrie Ann to give us the kind of home that was not too ‘serious’ but beautifully executed and, most importantly, reflected our personalities. The end result was spectacular and speaks so highly of this wonderful, caring, tireless, unbelievably talented woman. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anyone who works harder to fulfill the dreams of her clients. She listens to your ideas, and during the creative phase, patiently draws you into what she envisions, so that you can actually ‘see it’ too.

We could not be happier with our beautiful home and thank Carrie Ann for making our home a true “Haven”.

– Lynn Gallagher
Canyon Court

I contacted Carrie Ann on the recommendation of one of my neighbors. Due to a chronic health condition, I was mainly concerned with making our home safer and more convenient for me. During our initial meeting, I outlined what I wanted done. Carrie Ann listened attentively then made several suggestions for changes I had not considered, but quickly realized would be quite helpful. Since it is difficult for me to go from store to store, she went out of her way to pick up samples and help us make decisions. She even took a shopping list I compiled from online sources and purchased locally to save shipping costs. When I added a few items to our original list of things to do, she spent several days searching to match existing materials. I found her to be energetic, enthusiastic, and creative while still deferring to our tastes and preferences. I would not hesitate to recommend her to a friend.

– Carol Hamner

As an individual who has been completely blind for many years, I feel blessed to still have vivid recollection of colors. Texture has become an important feature in my life as well. In addition to Carrie Ann having been sensitive to my desires, she was in additionally caring as we discussed my preferences in style of décor. With her myriad of creative talents Carrie Ann has been a tremendous asset in making my new home a place of joy, peace and contentment.

– V. Baldwin

Carrie Ann Krhovjak is NOT your ordinary “interior decorator”. She is a multi-talented interior and exterior designer who manages, designs, organizes, stages, decorates, cooks, and entertains, and she is a perfectionist — persistent to the point of making it right. When we began working together, I described the look and feel I wanted and she found a multitude of ideas, paints, fabrics and items for my home, exhausting all her resources until we found everything needed.   We started from scratch and transformed my home – room by room – and now it’s better than I ever dreamed possible.  Carrie Ann is a dedicated, hard-working professional who can turn any budget into a great new look, plus her skilled advice and excellent design eye created exactly what I was looking for in my home.

Coupled with her talents and persistence, Carrie Ann has a cadre of honest, proficient, and dedicated tradesmen in her network.  This ensures consistent oversight, interaction, quality craftsmanship, and trust which translates into project completion that is within budget, deadlines, and stress-free for me and my family!  She listened to how I wanted to feel in my space and what was the purpose of the space and then VOILA, she made it happen! I watched each room be reborn into the space I’ve come to love and cherish.   She lives and dies by her budgets and suggest saving opportunities as she uncovers them.

After a complete renovation and redesign of my home (interior and exterior), I have also hired Carrie Ann to design my business’s office space, stage rental properties, decorate my home for each holiday and manage dinner events and outdoor parties.  She can do it all and there is no interruption in my busy daily demands as a mother juggling an executive schedule of long hours and weekly travel.  The process was consistent with each job or project: Discuss expectations and budgets and then she took care of everything.  She is the consummate professional with an impressive portfolio and career.  Her strong work ethic and desire to please her clients beyond their expectations is the reason I will always choose Carrie Ann for future projects.  She is a creative genius and beautiful person and I highly recommend her to anyone interested in creating the home of their dreams.