Camino Amor – Santa Fe, NM

Camino Amor – Santa Fe, NM

This weekend and seasonal home, located in the mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico, was updated with outdoor furniture to create four separate portals, or areas, for enjoying drinks, eating dinner, and watching the sunset and the moonrise. Each portal has a similar look and feel with light wheat-colored fabric that incorporates traditional Santa Fe colors—orange, red, and Santa Fe blue.

Project photos:

Project Details

The location and the setup for the portals were centered on the specific activities that take place in each area. Guests begin their evening with drinks in the Martini Portal. Next, they go to the Sunset Portal where they can recline and enjoy the scenery. When it is time for dinner, guests move to the Dining Portal, which is perfectly situated to watch TV, a movie, or the sunset. After dinner, guests relax in the Moon Portal while they enjoy drinks and gaze at the moon.

Martini Portal

Sunset Portal 

Dining Portal

Moon Portal