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carrieannFor Carrie Ann, design isn’t just a career, it’s a passion and expression of a person’s essence and how they live. So she has been taking the area by storm and redesigning the interiors and exteriors of homes, plus handling reorganizational projects. Each project is unique –  some may require her starting from scratch, or a complete redesign of the house or exterior, or a reorganizational project plus redesign – and she is fully prepared and networked to handle the job. She has long-standing industry relationships and connections, so you can not only trust her on the job, but also her extended team.

wonderful, caring, tireless, unbelievably talented woman
-Lynn Gallegher Allen, Texas

In her previous life, she was a visual merchandiser for 20 years. In that time, she led numerous initiatives to build brand awareness and sales of consumer product lines through inventive approaches to visual displays and floor layouts. The results have been critical to maximizing the revenue returns of brands, capturing both financial targets and consumer demand. View a listing of her prestigious connections here.

Carrie Ann has worked diligently in all design realms. She continues to please clients and retain their business. Her drive is to give them the atmosphere they most desire and fulfill their dreams. Read some of their testimonies of her work.

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